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RE: [APD] Chelating Agents

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>>beware, too much FeSO4 turns the water nasty for a couple of hours,
>>possibly zapping out oxygen in the process.  Anyone else use neat iron
>>sulphate with similar findings?

>I remember reading this same thread on usenet in the 80s. Smoe guy
>out a tank of angels doing this.

>Having saud that, I'm part of the "washers in deep sand substrate"
>and havn't had a problem with that in over a decade of doing this. My
>water is also .25 ml/L ferric iron, and accoring to my cheap little
>Hagen test kit .30 mg/l is toxic to fish. Yeah ok but .25 isn't toxic
>to shrimp, snails, fish or killi eggs. And the plants like it lots.

And a couple of things I forgot to add.  Firstly, I haven't lost any
livestock as yet (touch wood!).  Secondly, I suppose here is a
disclaimer.  I'm not really recommending the use of FeSO4.  The stuff is
pretty toxic.  If it is to be used, I'd say turn it into rust water
before hand.  Also, if you can't do the concentration calculations,
either, don't do it or ask someone who does. *imagines people pouring
boxes of iron sulphate into their tanks*  ouch.

Chris *phew*

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