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RE: [APD] Chelating Agents

>Wu from the DFW club now is switching the iron 
>sulphate, no chelating agent and I would not be suprised if he reports 
>absolutely no change in his tanks, I'm eagerly awaiting his results.

I did post a message on here a while ago without any replies, but here
are a few thoughts from me.  I'm been avidly reading the archive about
iron and that lovely gluconate vs edta thread and the whole thing
puzzled me making no things clearer. Regardless, I hunted the web for
sources of gluconate thinking it would be better (my train of thought is
probably better not explained).  Without any luck, my attention turned
to straight FeSO4.  The box I have is 20% Fe; if I have done my
calculations correct, then I think there is a large proportion of
impurity taking into account the sulphate.  I'm not going to complain
though, because it does work.  One of my plants was growing on the white
side, add FeSO4 (mixed up in water first so not to overdose) and hey
presto, green plants.  I tested the water shortly after but no
measurable value of iron was present, albeit using a non-sensitive kit.
Perhaps the "rust" went into the gravel?  Isn't that where we want the
iron though?  All I can say is that there has been an improvement.  The
exact ins and outs of it, I'm probably not qualified to say.  But
beware, too much FeSO4 turns the water nasty for a couple of hours,
possibly zapping out oxygen in the process.  Anyone else use neat iron
sulphate with similar findings?


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