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[APD] re: chelators

> Any particular species of plant that was effected and some that were not?
> What type of substrate also?

Java moss was unaffected.  Lysimachia grew O.K. but was more robust after the switch.  Rotala indica had very pale foliage but grew reasonably well; color is better after the switching iron source.   Riccia appeared white and slowly melted away; after switching iron sources, it was bright green and grew in thick mats.  Hygrophila difformis produced whitish foliage with emersed morphology, then stalled.  Proserpinaca sp. reverted to emersed morphology and then melted away.  Ludwigia, various species, also died.

Substrate is 50% aquarium gravel, 50% flourite with a standard flow UG.

The tank is fairly small, so I have since simplified the planting. Currently it has a thick and healthy stand of Rotala indica and a dense foreground of java moss.  Inhabitants are cherry shrimp, neon tetras, and Heterandria formosa.



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