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RE: [APD] re: Ca gluconate

Maybe the Fluorish was old? I've never used Fluorish so I don't know if it
has expiry dates.  But I would assume that after 12-24 months it might be a
lot less effective...


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Tom Barr wrote: 
> Sounds much more like some other problem than poor iron, Mg could have 
> been the issue.GH could have changed in the tap etc, I've never associated

> a low Trace iron level with BGA. I've had RFUG's for 10 years with plants.

Hmmm, the tank is filled with well water that has very low KH and GH, so it 
is supplemented with pulverised dolomite. Annual water tests done by the 
local health department show no change in GH, and neither do my more
but more crude, home tests.

> I've had RFUG's for 10 years with plants. 

Were you using Fe-gluconate or Fe-EDTA? 

> > Would Fe-gluconate be oxidized morerapidly than Fe-EDTA in the
> > oxygen/bacteria-rich substrate of an undergravel filter? 
>I would not think it would matter as far as the plants are concerned. 

Well, then I'm baffled.  The only change I have made was to switch the 
Fluorish with Fe-EDTA (whatever brand is cheapest at the time).  I've 
continued dosing with KNO3, Flourish phosphorus, and Flourish Trace.  
I initially switched to a product that has Fe and K, but not Mg, so I 
don't think I can attribute the problems to Mg deficiency.  The improvement 
was so rapid that I am convinced of the causal link.  I just don't know WHY.

Oh well, the tank looks pretty good now, so I guess I won't worry 
about it.

Nicholas Plummer
nickplummer at nc_rr.com

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