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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 10, Issue 48

>I observed extreme chlorosis and poor plant growth in a tank that has an
UG filter, despite the application of increasing quantities of Flourish. 
>The poor plant growth was accompanied by frequent blooms of BGA and a
filamentous green alga. 

 Sounds much more like some other problem than poor iron, Mg could have
been the issue.GH could have changed in the tap etc, I've never associated
a low Trace iron level with BGA.
I've had RFUG's for 10 years with plants.

 Switching to a product containing Fe-
>EDTA cleared up the problem:  the chlorosis vanished, plants grew rapidly,
and the algae went away.  I assume the algae was secondary to >the poor
plant growth, but is it possible that the root of the problem was related
to the UG filter? 

I doubt it.

 Would Fe-gluconate be oxidized more 
>rapidly than Fe-EDTA in the oxygen/bacteria-rich substrate of an
undergravel filter?

I would not think it would matter as far as the plants are concerned.

Tom Barr

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