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RE: [APD] Re: Anubias

I think that there are four main "someone had spattered
white paint on some of the leaves" types of Anubias:

Anubias barteri var barteri 'Marbled'
Anubias barteri var barteri 'Variegated'

Anubias barteri var nana 'Marbled'
Anubias barteri var nana 'Variegated'

I will assume that everyone knows the differences between an
A. barteri var barteri and an A. barteri var nana.  IME, the
differences between the 'Marbled' and 'Variegated'
designations are the degree and pattern of the white
coloration.  The white color on a 'Marbled' specimen is
produced by many small white dots (as if spray painted),
whereas the white color on a 'Variegated' specimen is
produced by a combination of small white dots and big
patches/streaks of white (as if painted with a paintbrush
with the occasional flick of the bristles -- not unlike the
patterns on a variegated Pothos or Philodendron).  New
leaves of the 'Marble' varieties are white whereas new
leaves of the 'Variegated' varieties are often green.

To make matters even more complicated, there are other
Anubias spp. exhibiting these variegation without the two
designations above, such as A. barteri var nana 'Wavy Leaf'
and A. barteri var nana 'Wrinkled Leaf' for examples. :|

John.  The strong ribbed pattern is indicative of an A.
barteri var barteri.  A. barteri var nana has smooth round
leaves, as seen in your photo (
http://www.fitchfamily.com/Anubias.jpg ).  All these
variegated Anubias spp. are man-made cultivars, produced by
Oriental Aquarium.

What's really cool is what you can do with them!!!  Remember
these? :)

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According to an e-mail I received from Derek J. Arthur, the
plant I have is Anubias barteri var nana 'Marble.'  I have
found a picture of a plant of that name on PlantGeek.com,
which matches mine exactly.  (I may even have bought it
there.) See:


The few pictures I've found of the Variegated plant seem to
have a stronger rib pattern, although that may just be the
lighting.  Could they be two names for the same plant?

John T. Fitch

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