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Re: [APD] calcium carbonate/sodium bicarbonate and invertebrates

--- SunflwrgrlS at aol_com wrote:
> I want to go over this again. When it comes to buffering
> water, sodium 
> bicarbonate is suggested.  However, I want to know if
> this is something that 
> invertebrates are able to utilize or not?  I add Calcium
> Cloride but recently read on 
> an invertebrate site that they need calcium carbonate for
> moulting.  Should I 
> get another product to provide the calcium carbonate?  

They need the calcium so calcium carbonate yes, sodium
bicarbonate, no.  There are lots of source from shells,
aragonite, powered calcium carbonate from a beer/wine
brewer web site or from some hydroponic outfits like
> And, does anyone know what is in Kalkwasser? \

A calcium hydroxide solution, aka lime water -- but not the
kind for mixing Margaritas ;-) .

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