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[APD] Rotala indica "dwarf" form?

Greetings to All,

My Rotala indica seems to have reached a fixed height and is not getting any
taller! I believe I have the proper environment for it to thrive: have a 75G
with CO2, 5 WPG CF (65W x 6), ph 6.7 , KH 5, GH 10, laterite and gravel
substrate with heating coils, and dosing with PMDD, Aquarium landscapes
Potassium and trace q 3 days, Seachem Fe weekly , phos 1.0-1.5 , Nitrate 10.

I have many species of plants, among them, really only the Wisteria and A.
gracilis are growing well.. other plants in the tank that are doing OK with
moderate growth are moneywart, baby tears, a red sword, P. gayi, dwarf and
regular hairgrass, Marsilea augustifolia, lobelia dwarf form.. and assort

The R. indica is a different story! It has gotten as high as 1/2 the height
of the tank, and has stayed that way for 3 months. I was under the
assumption that this plant is not very demanding and a good background
choice. I pulled some out to see the roots and it is getting great root
growth... with roots extending deep into the laterite layer (bottom 1/3).
The plant stems used to have nice pink tips, but no longer has this color. 

I dont know if any nutrient deficiency is limiting this or what is going on.
I have battled through hair algae and brown spot algae, and currently the
tank is algae free. 

I do have fish in the tank (2 black mollies, 3 SAE, 3 Oto's , 1 pair of

I really thought R. Indica would be a great background plant so so far, it
is stuck in the midground (so to speak) I does not have too many side
branches (if any) at all. 

One possible conclusion (albiet unlikely) is that there a dwarf form of R.
Indica that maybe I unknowingly received.  Has anyone had any experiecne
with this



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