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Re: [APD] How do you guys do water changes?????


Regarding your new algae mystery despite years of the
same routine, you don?t say if you have been testing
phosphorus.  Some municipalities now put phosphorus in
the water as a means to lessen the corrosion of pipes
(to lower the amount of lead in the tap).  Your
municipality may have started that recently, and you
may have a lot more phosphorus being added to your
tank than you did previously.  

I did some searching (read: avoiding work), and found
in a 2002 document
that ?LADWP says it plans to install corrosion control
treatment that will make L.A. water less likely to
leach lead from pipes.?.  I couldn?t figure out what
their treatment plans were, though.  But it very well
could have been polyphosphates.
This site may also be related to you locally:

Good luck,

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