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Re: [APD] Re: Garbage on the list/plants

All I can say James is , you're right, absolutely and end of story. I didn't
see one word you wrote that I couldn't agree with.
Now as for plants , besides PO4 . too much light, wrong type of light and
poor nutrients and to much feeding what else causes algae?
 I wish it could be as easy as just a tad bit of algae (Like in nature),
That I could welcome but when it takes over like a relative that won't go
home and covers everything like a woman at a 75% off shoe sale I get rather
pissed. I have to manually scrape the crap off. I'm two steps from dumping
in algae kill, but that kills algae, the good bacteria , fish, plants and
anything else that flies close to the water. I won't add it  but I'm almost
that pissed off about it . I never had this problem before January ,  no big
changes other than getting rid of a Chinese algae eater that broke it's
contract and started attacking the other occupants. It fell to a small
harpoon as I didn't want to tear apart the dang tank trying to "Net" it  .
But all else has stayed the same. Like I said a tiny bit wouldn't bother me
but this is out of control. Mark
James , keep up the good posts:~)
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> > Greetings James , I have found that if the HTML format is used the
> > gets bounced. Yahoo Groups who give us this free forum (free being at no
> > cost) attach a bit of advertising from time to time. I just overlook it
> a
> > needed cost of having a place to yak about plants.
> Yes, HTML formatted messages DO get bounced. As far as I know, in all the
> years I've been receiving the APD, it has never been a "Yahoo Group". It
> a totally free "information service" provided by the owner of  FINS, Mark
> Rosenstein. There is no connection with Yahoo or its "groups"
> If you are using Yahoo or another "free" service to access the APD, fine
> you. But there are those of us who pay to access the Internet and
> send/receive e-mail WITHOUT commercial interruption. A "bit of
> from time to time" might not bother some, but it wrankles the rest of us -
> turn it OFF, please. My inbox has just received a whack of private
> from fellow APD's who feel the same way, so I know that I'm not the only
> who holds this opinion.
> > AND PS , who cares what religious or political statement is used, ignore
> it.
> > Worry about the real things in life, like "How can I buy a CO2 system
> > without my wife knowing"...
> Well, being single, I spend what I like, when I like, and don't have to
> justify it to a soul. That isn't the issue - the signature IS the issue.
> This is also something which can be turned on or off in most software
> packages. Or it can be manually deleted for those posts destined for the
> APD.
> It is nice to see someone's name and location appended to a posting - that
> can help when giving advice, but I could care less what sports teams
> supports, what car they drive, what computer they use, or any of hundreds
> other things I've seen over the years placed in a "signature". There are
> those of us who can get offended to have someone quote scripture (not
> everyone here is religious, and even those of us who are can choose to
> it to ourselves in a public forum such as the APD). I'm a devout Roman
> Catholic, but I don't go praising the Pope every time I post a message.
> as far as politics is concerned, well....let's not go there. I heard more
> than enough about hanging chads 4 years ago. I'm sure that the good people
> of Florida are STILL embarrassed over that mix up. And the sooner they get
> rid of the current occupant of the White House, the safer we'll ALL feel.
> ( I do have political opinions, I just don't see what they have to do with
> aquatic plants).
> My point is WHY should anyone have to ignore parts of some people's
> postings? If someone wants to push some personal political or religious
> adjenda, do up a website and expound it to your heart's desire - THERE,
> Now, as for any potential "follow-up" to this, please do everyone a favour
> and send it to me directly and NOT to the APD. Back to aquatic
> plants................
> James Purchase
> Toronto
> P.S. In case anyone doesn't know what "RTFM" means, send me a private
> message and I'll be glad to fill you in on the details.....lol
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