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[APD] Re: Garbage on the list

Also, just using the tried and true DELETE button works especially if you
set up you email box (outlook express in MS format) to list posts by
subject, if you don't want to participate in the topic simply highlight the
bottom or original message and whilst holding down the shift key clink on
the top message, click delete and the whole topic block goes away into
netherworld. All the best.Mark

The spammers use this same argument -- "they can just hit "delete", how hard is that?". The problem is that when you have to do it hundreds of times a day and occasionally miss legitimate messages as a result of it, and I recently read an article in Infoweek (info tech news magazine) with a study showing spam to have cost *billions* of dollars last year in lost productivity and revenue due to systems upgrades, network load, etc. that was needed to deal with the spam load.

OK, APD postings probably aren't contributing much to spam-related fiscal problems or unusually high wear on your 'delete' key, but the attitude of "I'll do what I want, and let *them* deal with it" is not helping anyone.

-Bill, with 600+ spams/day now in my inbox, and growing...

***************************** Waveform Technology UNIX Systems Administrator

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