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Re: [APD] How do you guys do water changes?????

Greetings Wright,
Boy are you on the money with that statement.
I too have never heard of or seen PH-Shock but that doesn't mean it couldn't
happen, anything is possible, just look at quantum physics.
I believe (and could be way off base) it's more of a toxic shock from
chemicals not removed from the water supply before adding to the tank.
As for myself, we (in Los Angeles) have a PH of 7.2. Pretty constant all
year round.
Recently my water changes are usually at a 75% removal / replacement and
recently I've been doing this on a bi-weekly routine as my algae is still a
I have noticed that when the algae is at it's worst is when the tank water
smells very "Earthy" (much like a high humidity hot-house in July), don't
know what this means but if anyone has an idea they wish to share I would
appreciate that help.
Chemicals I use in a water change are Declor, stresscoat & leaf zone. I know
that many don't like to use Declor but I'm an "Old School" Aquarist and some
things just seem to work well  FOR ME.
BTW, the Algae problem is a mystery. I have not changed my routine in many
years and this year is the first time I have had this problem, PH is still
the same, ammonia is still zero, nitrites zero, the bio-load is still the
same, lighting is still the same a slight problem might be altered spectrum
of the lights as they get older, I would rather examine other options before
I have to pay out $25 per bulb @ 6 bulbs (48 in 1 1/2 inch type. No I don't
want to go with compact florescence as the data on those regarding lifespan,
durability and cost are not reliable. It seems that the manufacturer boasts
the claims "For " them and the Magazines discount their boasts. I'd rather
stay in the boat to see if it's really sinking first.

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> >>> My experience is that some of my discuses are very sensitive to
changes in
> >>> pH or something, and just by doing 20% water changes, I noticed that
> >>> belly will swell like they've been fed and show signs of diarrhea and
> >>> eat for a day or two.  I assume it's from a pH shock of some sort.
> >>> I use a dechlorinator so it's not the chlorine issue.
> There is no such thing as pH shock, and your Discus can't "feel" pH any
> more than you can in a swimming pool. [Mythology persists, and rarely as
> well as among Discus growers.]
> We don't have enough info to be sure, but your description sounds a lot
> like someone who is using a dechlorinator when they should use a
> dechloraminator. [Hypo-based product instead of "Amquel" or "Prime" o/e.]
> That process *is* pH sensitive, and a burst of deadly ammonia can be
> released if your new water has a high pH. Old-style dechlorinators flood
> the chloraminated water with ammonium when the bond is broken. [It is
> ammonia in higher pH water and very hard on fish.]
> The two likliest causes for your symptoms are sudden change of osmotic
> pressure conditions (most unlikely at only 20%) or ammonia released from
> improperly-treated chloramines. I vote for the latter, maybe combined
> with a resident hexamita o/e infection.
> Wright
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