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[APD] Re: Garbage on the list

Is it just me, or are other people peeved by the extraneous crap which gets
posted to this list? I'm not referring to the messages regarding the
legality of brewing alcohol, I am making reference to the non text garbage
that many e-mail programs add to your posts if you aren't careful.. This is
a TEXT based list, not an HTML based one - and your e-mail program ought to
be set to forward TEXT only to the APD. Save the fancy formatting for your
friends and family - it only clutters up this list and makes it harder to
read than it ought to be. And if you're posting from a corporate mailer, can
you not turn off the extra advertising and path information that accompany
some postings? RTFM

This is clearly stated in the list guidelines. WHY can't folks have the
courtesy to send appropriately formatted messages (I know that mistakes can
happen - I've done it myself).

I also wonder why some folks feel it necessary to include long winded
signatures and little "sayings" with their postings. I'm not interested in
your political and/or religious beliefs - to each their own, but please,
keep it to yourself. Some folks make more of a statement with this extra
crap than they do in their actual message. If you want a soap box, contact

I'm not posting this to start a debate or a discussion over civil rights -
its a simple request to stick to the point of the list - growing AQUATIC


James Purchase

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