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[APD] Re: Hemianthus callitrichoides

Wormy wrote:

> Does anyone have any experiences with Hemianthus callitrichoides? I just
> aquired some and I can't find out anything about it. Thanks in advance.

Tropica sells it so you can probably find basic info on their site 
(http://www.tropica.com).  I think it has also been known in the 
hobby as Hemianthus sp. "Cuba", so you may be able to locate more 
info under that name.  You might also try looking through the APD 
archives -- just use the search box on the main page 

In my experience, it has the same basic requirements as Hemianthus 
micranthemoides; it's not a particularly demanding plant and will do 
well in a wide range of conditions.  I think it is at its best under 
high light with lots of CO2 enrichment, but it will grow well under 
moderate light levels (~2-3W/gal) and even does ok in my non-CO2 
tanks, though growth is slow, leggy and very vertical.  It doesn't 
seem overly touchy about macro nutrients, within reason, but needs 
good iron/traces especially under high light.  It's an attractive 
little plant when grown emersed, so you might want to try that 
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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