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[APD] How do you guys do water changes?????

I know this probably sounds like a stupid question, but please let me explain..

I have a 30 gal heavily planted discus tank, pressurized CO2 with GH=6, kH=4, pH 6.8, and 82F.

My tap water has GH=2, kH=3, and pH = 7.5

My experience is that some of my discuses are very sensitive to changes in pH or something, and just by doing 20% water changes, I noticed that their belly will swell like they've been fed and show signs of diarrhea and won't eat for a day or two. I assume it's from a pH shock of some sort.
I use a dechlorinator so it's not the chlorine issue.

I can't imagine doing 50% water changes without wiping them out. Do you guys "preconditioned" your water first before putting it into the tank? My apartment doesn't really have space to store 15 gallons of water so I really can't preconditioned the batch ahead of time.

Anyone having similar problems? Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks so much!

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