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Re: [APD] re: a reposting of my plant situation

Quoting Joey Choochootrain <hubbahubbahehe at yahoo_com>:

> I will be placing the
> 2 tanks next to each other and that will make it 4 feet long. So essentially,
> each tank will be getting one 65 watt bulb over it.. I am wondering if this
> hood, if placed over the middle area,  would be sufficient enough light to
> grow plants like   glossostigma, dwarf hairgrass, stargrass, pearlweed.    

This makes much more sense than what I thought you were doing. I thought you 
were putting 2 x 65 watt bulbs over each tank! I was wondering why you were 
concerned at all about lack of light when you should have been worried about 
having too much light. I think that fixture over both tanks is more than 
enough for those plants. You are going to have 3.25 watts/gallon of compact 
fluorescent lighting... thats a lot. How deep are the tanks? I would imagine 
they are pretty shallow since they are 20 gallon (unless they are really tall 
and narrow). Originally you mentioned java fern... as I said in my first 
response to you, the java fern might not like that much light (even with only 
1 light fixture over both tanks). You will probably have more luck with it if 
you place it somewhere it isn't directly under those bulbs, or maybe in a 
shaded area.

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