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Re: [APD] Training the Chain Gang, and others

It does help...any bit helps because I've tried and failed so many times
with hair grass and micro sword.  Before it would just get dark green
algae on the swords and eventually turn brown and I'd pull it out. 
This time around with a bit more experience under my belt, and a bit
more equipment it hasn't started getting the green algae quite as
quickly and I've noticed some small sprouts coming up, but not
quickly...excruciatingly slow, in fact.

I've pulled apart one bunch, as I said in the original mail, and I left
two or three other clumps there kinda loosened up a bit so the roots
wouldn't rot.  It seems the bunches are throwing out some sprouts, very
slow (Again).  And the patch hasn't had time to establish itself yet,
so I guess I'll wait and see.  A friend of mine is doing the same,
patiently awaiting our lawn ;-)

Dave T.

On 3/30/2004, "Rachel Sandage" <rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:

>IME chain swords are not easy to train - they send out runners in every direction, and will fill the tank if you are not constantly vigilant. You can separate them or leave them chained up when you move them, but you will always be moving them to where you want them to be. Every so often I just rip out about 2/3 of mine and start over.
>I, and several others, have had the experience of micro swords and hair grass just sitting there for an unreasonable amount of time before they start to grow. I have wondered if they are developing underground root systems or just thinking about where life has taken them. In then end - and it may be a matter of months - they seem to reach some sort of critical mass and start growing like crazy. Patience seems to be the only thing that works.
>Hope this helps.
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