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Re: RE: [APD] Flag cichlid /american flag fish confusion

Steven, I give my AFF fresh veggies every-other day and that seems to satisfy their appetite for "greens" to the extent that they leave my plants alone.  Zucchini seems to be a favorite.

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> Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 10:12:36 -0600
> From: "Steven Jestis" <steven_jestis at verizon.net>
> Subject: RE: [APD] Flag cichlid /american flag fish confusion
> To: "'aquatic plants digest'" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> You can order the flag fish from Arizona Aquatic Gardens.  I did, and they
> arrived fine and all lived.  I don't have much algae but wanted them to keep

> it that way.  Unfortunately, they do spend the day nibbling on my plants,
> and will even pull the Val's up as they rip chunks of plant off and eat it.
> I think I much prefer the SAE's that I also ordered from AAG, they don't
> bother anything and do a much better job on the algae.
> Steven
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