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RE: [APD] Another CO2 reactor question

I have the same reactor, same bubble counter, and also have mine hooked up
the the outflow from and Eheim.  I don't use the spray bar at all, just an
elbow under the water.  Only difference is my canister is a model 2217 right
now, that I plan to change to a 2213 down the road.  

I don't have any problems with mine building up gas in the reactor, and can
even shoot several hundred bubbles into it as a test in a few seconds to put
an inch or two of CO2 in the reactor chamber and it will absorb the gas in a
very short time and put it into the tank.  Never flows to the canister.  I
also never lose my suction, as I have the quick disconnect valves and always
leave the intake and outflow hoses full of water when cleaning the canister.
I have had a bad seal on the canister once, but it did not suck air, instead
is leaked water on the floor which I noticed immediately.  Are you filling
the canister completely to the top with water before putting the motor back
on?  Put a rag over the outflow spout, as when it seals it likes to shoot a
stream of water a ways.  I have had air trapped in the canister before when
I didn't fill it completely, but it will purge itself eventually.


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Hi All

Thought I'd post this question, after searching the archives to see if
anyone has a similar setup with similar problems

I recently got a 2nd hand Aquamedic 1000 CO2 reactor (like new) and hooked
it up over the weekend to my 75G plant tank.  The output of my Ehem 2215
cannister goes into the reactor at the top, exits at the bottom and then out
to the tank via a spraybar at the tank bottom.  CO2 comes into the reactor
at the top after passing a soleniod, check valve, and an aquamedics bubble
counter.  There is a controller in the system as well...to handle the
soleniod (of course)
With the rate of CO2 at about 18-20 bubbles per minute, I noticed that at
the end of the day, the 2215 canister filter is sounding like it has air
inside (noisy turbulence of the propeller) and I can't figure out where the
air is coming from.  I dont think it was from the cannister intake because
that end has been submerged in the tank
I used the release valve on top of the Aquamedic 1000 to release some air,
because the reactor was only half filled with water when I looked at it at
the end of the day, with the top half being filled with air!  I figured
maybe the co2 rate was too high?!
A couple questions to add to this:
Is the 2215 enough output for this reactor (the manual says 250 gal/hour)
and I dont think (not sure) my cannister is capable of this, or does it
Has anyone had any similar problems with their reactor and cannister
systems, esp those with the Aquamedic 1000 reactor and or eheim 2215
Is it possible the air from the reactor to get up in the intake and back
into the cannister while there is still flow going on?
I'm hoping some engineer types or anyone with experience can help a
semi-newbie outout.
Thanks in advance!!!.


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