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[APD] Flag cichlid /american flag fish confusion

Hi all,

In my attempts to battle hair algae (green filamentous, attaches to plants,
rocks, driftwood, comes off easy with rubbing) , I'm trying to control the
nutrient balance in my new pretty heavily planted 75G (I have trace
phosphates and nitrates, ph 6.5 with CO2, 3.5 WPG) . On good advice,  I got
some black mollies that certainly help, but they seem to be chowing down on
the Mayaca sellowiana as well...so they might be leaving soon.  The SAE's
and Oto's aren't  doing to much with the hair algae at present

I scoured the APD archives and then went to Petco to get some
America/Florida flag fish.  First time I went, I saw them labeled as flag
cichlids and thought they must be different than AFF's.  I went back home
and looked on the web and then somehow convinced myself that Petco had
"mislabeled them".  I bought two of them and got them in the tank....they
are getting acclimated now, but I now realize that  I may have made a
mistake, and they are Flag cichlids after all....  I looked at more pics of
both fish on the web and it is not easy to tell the difference to my eye!
I think that AFF's may have a light central yellow whereas the Flag cichlids
(Laetacara curviceps or acara curviceps, not sure which I have) dont have
that coloration, in addition to the black coloration on the superior
(topmost ) fin of the Flag cichlid

So now I'm stuck in an unsure state and meanwhile the hair algae grows as I
battle it with nutrient competition, water changes ,etc.  Anyone have any
thoughts on this ...please tell me this is an honest mistake so I dont feel
so stupid....
Also, anyone have any leads on shops or breeders where I can get AFF/FFF
(other than the AKA) ?   I know algae eaters aren't the ultimate solution,
but they would certainly make me feel better that something is controlling
this stuff, while equilibrium kicks in.

thanks in advance!!


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> Gilly Munavalli wrote:
> > With the rate of CO2 at about 18-20 bubbles per minute, I noticed that
> > the end of the day, the 2215 canister filter is sounding like it has air
> > inside (noisy turbulence of the propeller) and I can't figure out where
> > air is coming from.
> The most likely source of the air is a leak in the seal on the canister
> filter.  When the pump is on the entire filter is under suction and a leak
> the seal will allow air to be pulled into the filter.  It sounds like the
> is being pumped out of the filter and accumulating in the reactor.
> A clogged intake screen or clogged media can contribute to the problem.
> it gets bad enough it can cause the pump in the filter to lose its prime
> stop working.
> Probably all you have to do is shut the filter down, open it up and
> reseal it.  While you have it open, take a close look at any gaskets,
> and the seats for the seals to make sure they are all clean and undamaged.
> Roger Miller
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