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[APD] Re: Another CO2 reactor question.

Gilly Munavalli wrote:

> With the rate of CO2 at about 18-20 bubbles per minute, I noticed that at
> the end of the day, the 2215 canister filter is sounding like it has air
> inside (noisy turbulence of the propeller) and I can't figure out where the
> air is coming from.  

The most likely source of the air is a leak in the seal on the canister 
filter.  When the pump is on the entire filter is under suction and a leak in 
the seal will allow air to be pulled into the filter.  It sounds like the air 
is being pumped out of the filter and accumulating in the reactor.

A clogged intake screen or clogged media can contribute to the problem.  If 
it gets bad enough it can cause the pump in the filter to lose its prime and 
stop working.
Probably all you have to do is shut the filter down, open it up and carefully 
reseal it.  While you have it open, take a close look at any gaskets, o-rings 
and the seats for the seals to make sure they are all clean and undamaged.

Roger Miller
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