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[APD] Re: advice issue - moonshine

SunflwrgrlS asked why it was legal to make wine and beer but not whiskey, 
since they both contain alcohol.

It is legal to make all of those beverages, subject to the laws of the 
various states, which are the prime regulators.  If the beverage is made for the 
consumption of the maker and his immediate family, there are few problems in most 
states.  It gets more complicated when the beverage is brewed for sale,  when 
various state and Federal taxes come into play.

Whiskey gets special attention from the Feds because its relative small 
volume and high unit value make or made it an attractive crop in certain parts of 
the country, and the "farmers" often did not pay the Federal tax on distilled 
spirits, which is considerable.  Hence  the "revenoers" arrived with their axes 
for the stills and arrest warrants for the owners.

Homemade whiskey can also blind and kill.

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