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[APD] RE: disposal of weeds

Well, I think folks have really taken this a tad far.

Just toss them out and dig a small hole, bury them. 
I live in FL, where it's warm, plenty of these grow etc, nice and wet etc.
I toss the plants out on the gadren outside my place. Turn the dirt over on
Not one has ever grown except for Crypts and Lag's which I specially wanted
to grow, planted and tended to like you would any plant you want to keep.
But if the plants have been dried out, buried under a foot of dirt, they
are not going to do anything except turn to mulch.

Come on, how hard is being a brown thumb? Drying is fine, the only thing is
if there are seeds.
Most trimmings go into the trash that are dried if you don't have any soil,
gardens outside etc. 

Freezing will also kill plants real good. Still, it's not hard tio dry the
plants and then put them in the trash. Plants are tough but they need
light, water etc. Seeds are another story but our plants generally are
clonal, not grown from seeds. 

Tom Barr 

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