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[APD] Re: advice issue

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Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 10:47:01 -0500
From: Robert Zink <bonsai at hrcreditunion_net>

AFAIK, it is perfectly legal to make (distill) your own booze in the USA.
Selling it, however, is the big no-no. Therefore, there is a limit on the
quantity you can make in a year; based on the number of people in your
household - including children!

If these laws have changed, I will happily stand corrected. : )

AFAIK, it has never been legal in USA to distill any amount of alcohol for your own consumption -- or even fortify beer or wine or hard cider by freezing it and filtering out the ice crystals. Home winemaking up to 100 gallons per year per adult has been legal for many years, and President Carter signed a law making home beer brewing legal up to the same limits (not that anyone was ever arrested before that for making beer at home -- just tell the revenuers that it's "barley wine")


Best regards,

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