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[APD] Re: Can plant trimmings go in sanitary sewer?

I'm recovering a *nasty* neglected tank that's overgrown with algae, christmas moss, and giant hygro. Also has some java ferns and sword plants. Can the hygro and moss go down the toilet without having to worry about it escaping into the wilds? Would it be safer to dump the dirty water that has bits of moss and hygro in it on the lawn or compost pile?

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It really depends on how your local sewage treatment plant treats sewage before release. Most times aquatic plants should *not* be able to survive the process, but it's possible they could leak by in some cases -- especially if you have a combined sanitary and storm sewer system. You could bleach-soak the plant trimmings for a while before flushing, but you'd be better off (and safer in terms of your release concerns) either giving the trimmings to fellow aquarists or an LFS, or using them as compost as you mention.


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