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[APD] Estimating CO2 from pH

Estimating CO2 using pH is always problematic, in my opinion especially
if you have peat or other organic material that contributes organic
acids. Instead I just ensure that the bubble rate is adequate. I used to
recommend 1 bubble / 8-10 seconds based on static measurements I made
many years back to attain 15ppm. In light of Thomas Barr's
recommendation to increase CO2 input & because my tanks contain a LOT of
plant material, I am now using 1 bubble every 1-2 seconds. I am
impressed with the improvement in growth rates however I don't think
that CO2, nutrient dosing & water changes will ever be a panacea for
algae problems. I'm willing to keep on trying but I can't bring myself
to add phosphates to my tanks yet. If I have fish food, I think my
phosphate levels are often more than adequate. In tanks without fish or
where the fish must subsist primarily on algae, I sure have fewer
problems with algae however filament algae can't be controlled this way.

Steve P in Vancouver

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