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Of topic warning!

Generally the consumption of distilled spirits is considered more of a
health issue than the lower ABV fermented products.
That's the reason it's highly regulated.
It's legal in the US to ferment small quantities of beer (and wine). The
Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms allows up to 100 gallons per
adult per household (up to 200 gallons per family) before you need a permit.
(That's certainly enough to provide CO2 to a few tanks).

Here are a few shots of a small still I went to a few weeks ago for those
interested in small scale stills.

Ages ago became quite interested in stills and I built many. My brother is a
plumber which is the only essential thing as you can still almost anything
with converted carbohydrate or sugars. Simple stills are very easy to make,
which is why it's very regulated even down under here in Australia. The most
interesting challenge was constructing reflux stills that can still up to
70% in one batch by recirculating the vapour. I constructed 3 of them, the
final one had pressure and temperature regulation, before I got bored of it
as I'm not much into drinking. I doubt I even drank a half litre of the
stuff that came out of that final one but, after some polishing with carbon
the spirit was perfectly tasteless.

Normal stills don't operate under much pressure so they are safe to build
but the smell of boiling mash is terrible and seems to permeate everything
and smell for weeks. I'd advise against a closed cycle reflux still.

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> Ok, forgive my naivete -- but what is the difference between making
> and making beer or wine?  Why is moonshine illegal and the others ok? To
> it's all alcohol...?

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