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Re: [APD] Re: advice issue

Quoting SunflwrgrlS at aol_com:

> Ok, forgive my naivete -- but what is the difference between making moonshine
> and making beer or wine?  Why is moonshine illegal and the others ok? To me,
> it's all alcohol...?  

It's not the alcohol that makes it illegal (except during prohibition). 

First of all, the process of distilling is VERY dangerous if you don't know 
what you are doing. It is quite possible to blow your house up... maybe your 
neighbors too (depending on how big the still is). There is no risk of large 
explosions while making beer or wine.

Second, the end product can also be dangerous if you don't know what you are 
doing. If you make beer or wine and mess it up, chances are it will taste 
REALLY bad... if you don't know what you are doing making distilled hard liquor 
and mess it up it can do much much worse. It can cause blindness or even kill 
you. This is where the term blind drunk came from... people making moonshine 
and it blinding them.

I appologize to everybody who is getting ticked off because this conversation 
really doesn't belong on this email list... I just wanted to clear up the small 
joke I made about using DIY CO2 in a dorm room... it was just a joke. I didn't 
expect it to cause so much discussion. However people are learning a lot... 
just not about aquatic plants.
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