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[APD] Green water remedies -- temporary Fluval micron filtration?

Hi Matt!

 I had a similar problem less than a month after my initial setup. I tried
the diatom filter, and while it *almost* cleared it up, the cloud came back.
I tried the blackout method. I tried removing my driftwood. I tried
everything I could think of, and after a month of struggling, I finally
bought a UV Sterlizer and that did the trick.

 Later I set up a smaller tank in my boss's office, and ran into a similar
problem. This time, all I had to do was a few water changes over a few
week's time, and the cloudiness went away. So, you never know how easy or
difficult it is going to be.

 I kept a journal of my efforts on my first one with lots of photos, you may
wanna check it out...

 Start here, and keep hitting "next page"


Hope this helps you out!


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