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Re: micro fan (Re: [APD] Re: Re: failed CF Retro)

> On your present canopy, have you considered a micro fan (computer type)
> mounted to the back part (/) per your illustration above pulling air up and
> out? It wouldn't be visible that way and I bet it would do an excellent job
> evacuating the heat.
> Dave

I had considered a fan, and your suggestion makes me want to consider it
some more. Have you or anyone else found such a fan at any of the chain
stores or online?
Thanks Again,

You can get cheap muffin fans from http://www.allelectronics.com. They are typically cheaper than the computer fans and the NMB and Comair Rotron brands will be *significantly* higher quality than the usual no-name computer fans. I use several small NMB fans from this source (not sure if the particular fans I used are still available) on my own DIY PCF conversions. Pricing on these is usually about $6 or so, but the bearings and motors don't seize quickly like the cheap-o computer fans often do.


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