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[APD] Traci's 55 gal-For Tom Barr

Tom Barr replied to Traci's question Fri, 26 Mar 2004 16:36:03 -0500:

1. I saved quite a bit of mulm and haven't washed the gravel. Should I use this mulm to start the new tank? (It has not been established what killed the other tank).

Yes, your fish all died and that means it was from environmentally very poor conditions, not some strain of nasty bacteria that would kill fish in healthy conditions. Consider the natural environment, an unimpacted river is loaded with all sorts of organisms, but the fish are healthy from good diet, good conditions. They survive well.

This question is similar to the one I posted on March 17. It must have been overlooked and I have still been wondering:

Subject: [APD] Mulm shelf life-How long will it keep?
From: "Jerry Smith" <jerrytheplater at hotmail_com>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 13:16:35 -0500

I plan to follow Tom Barr's recomendation to add mulm to the gravel of a new tank to speed up its establishment. The tank I am setting up is a 75 gallon planted African Cichlid tank at my work in my bosses office. I have temporarily set up a 20 High using mulm that I brought down immediately after harvesting at my house. I need to set up a second temporary tank at work and want to know how long the mulm will remain active after removing it from the gravel bed at home. I could keep it in a 5 gallon bucket with a heater and air stone. I would like to store it for at least two days. I believe the humic portion will probably keep indefinately, but it is the bacteria that I am worried about. Any help

From Tom's answer to Traci it appears that mulm is still useable after a
period of time longer than two days even without any special care. Is this correct? What is it about the mulm that is useful: - the bacteria?, the humus?, something else I don't know about?

Thanks Tom and anyone else that replies.

Jerry Smith

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