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RE: [APD] RE: CF retrofit suggestions

Excuse me for seeming to attempt to oversimplify this but since heat
rises, isn't the most effective, cheapest, and easiest to just vent the
top of the hood. I've always thought that the less mechanical (or
electrical as the case might be) systems one must involve, the less
chance there is of breakdown, overheating, etc.

I recognize that aesthetically one might not want to cut holes or vent
strips in the top of the hood, but it has worked really well for my
setup in retrofitting the standard plastic hood that came with my
daughter's 29 gallon setup. That combined with the end vents that came
with the kit from AH Supply and I have no need for a fan or anything
other than the natural dissipation of the heat up through the top of the

Again, not trying to be argumentative, it just seems to me that we may
be unnecessarily complicating this. Once again, just my $.02 - take it
for what it's worth. As Dennis Miller is fond of saying, "That's just my
opinion.... I could be wrong...."  :-)


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I'd probably try and fit some of the small computer fans into the hood
ventilation if you don't want to cut vents in the sides or top of the 
current hood.  It wouldn't take too much to get some convection currents


If you want to try the fans, you could get some smaller ones (40 or 60
fans) and put one on each side of the bulb to push the air down and out
the hood and by displacing the warmer air, cooler air will come into the


Power them by an old wall-wart power supply (12V).


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