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[APD] Green water remedies -- temporary Fluval micron filtration?

Recently my 90gal/220W tank has developed green water. It isn't pea soup yet, in fact from the front it looks white like a bacterial bloom... but from the side you can see it is definitely green. (once again I find I want a microscope!)

The tank is fairly new... 2 months or so. I have, to MY eye a lot of plants in it, but since I can still see substrate I know others would beg to differ. :) I have only about 18 small/medium fish in it. I had been using PMDD daily though I stopped when the water started to could up. FWIW the higher plants seem to be pretty healthy. The easy growers like anachris are shooting up very fast.

So I am looking into the nutrients and lighting levels, but I want to figure out a filtration assist too. The tank is ugly when cloudy and it is very visible in the house. (Covering the tank will also be ugly so I would prefer filtration to a blackout if possible, but everything is still on the table.)

- I have a Fluval cannister filter, but they don't seem to make micron filtration media. Has anyone had success adapting other micron filter add-ins to Fluvals? Diatom bags, micron floss, anything like that?

- Would I even need new media if I used a flocculating agent? I haven't used one before, I am just reluctant to add chemicals if there is a cheap purely mechanical solution too.

I would consider a Vortex or similar micron filter, but I don't want to become reliant on them -- also, I have filter feeders (singapore shrimp) and I don't want to risk starving them by having the water polished ALL the time. They are LOVING life right now, it's like living in a buffet line...

Thanks for any ideas!

- Matt

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