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Re: [APD] Re: tragedy/triumph

--- Traci HalesVass <traci at tracihv_net> wrote:

>   how big is your old gravel? Marble size?
> >Sand size? Some size in between? 
> inbetween-- I'm leaning toward dumping it and starting
> with something finer grained.

Something around 3 mm is a nice size. Doesn't compact and
"clog" as easily as finer stuff.  That's about the size of
Flourite. Onyx Sand is finer, close to mostly 1-2mm.  I
wouldn't go finer than that.

> thanks for bringing this up (all of you how did). I have
> a 48" florescent tube fixture with reflector. It carries
> a 40 watt bulb. That probably not enough, eh? would I add
> another tube fixture? I don't think I can increase the
> wattage in the one. How much would I need? Did I hear 2
> watts/gal? that would be almost three times the lighting
> i have now..........

I suggest getting a retrofit kit from AHS. I belive 2
55watt PCs should fit your hood and be a nice but not
excessive amount of light.

If you're considering more light than that, consider adding
CO2 first. CO2 before more light than 2 wpg, not after.
More light without the CO2 will be a bit fussy.

Scott H.

S. Hieber
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