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[APD] Re:Tragedy into triumph

At 12:02 PM 3/26/2004 -0500, Traci HalesVasswrote:
I'm trying to turn tragedy into triumph. My well-established, years-old 55 completely crashed after adding a few new fish from a chain LFS. I woke to find every fish in my tank dead.

1. I saved quite a bit of mulm and haven't washed the gravel. Should I use this mulm to start the new tank? (It has not been established what killed the other tank).

This is kind of critical. Most of the things that I can think of that would kill a tank of fish overnight would tend to stick around in the tank. Until you can figure out what killed the fish, you are at risk.

On the other hand, are you sure that only fish were added on that dark day? No disease I've seen will sweep through a population of diverse fish species and kill them all that quickly (although I am by no means a fish disease expert). Many toxins could do just that, however, as could inappropriately applied additives, chemicals, treatments, ornaments, porous rocks...

For the answers to your other planted tank start-up questions, here are references:



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