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Re: [APD] advice please?

The Java Fern might not like that high intensity lighting, you might need to 
place it in shaded areas. Otherwise it sounds like a good setup. A lot of work 
for a dorm room... aren't you gonna have to neglect it over breaks and tear it 
down at the end of the year? 

Careful with that DIY CO2... your friends will want to set up a still in your 
dorm room :-) BTW, its possible to turn an old computer into a still, I saw 
some people take an old Celeron computer and turn it into a VERY small still. 
Luckily nobody was blown up and the end product didnt cause them to go blind. 

Quoting Joey Choochootrain <hubbahubbahehe at yahoo_com>:

> Hi all, For my dorm room I'm going to have 2 20 gallon tall acrylic tanks
> with black backs. 
> For lighting, I'm going to have a custom sealife smartlite 2 x 65watt 6500K
> over it so essentially each tank will be getting a 65 watt bulb right over
> it... 
> For co2, I will be using diy co2....each tank gets a 2.84 Liter juice bottle,
> one has a hagen ladder, the other has a wood airstone that produces extra
> fine bubbles... 
> one tank has 100% eco-complete, the other tank has 50/50 flourite/natural
> gravel mix..... 
> my question is can you think of any plants that won't survive in this tank? 
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