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Re: micro fan (Re: [APD] Re: Re: failed CF Retro)

Quoting Greg Fiske <gfiske at sbcglobal_net>:

> Basically, all you have to do it rip
> out some fans out of an old computer, and then go through your electrical
> junk and find any 12V transformer from a old cordless phone or whatever. 

That's a good idea for those who don't have much electrical experience. I am 
sure they will greatly appreciate your help. Just a note: there is nothing 
wrong with using fans from an old computer, but there have been great 
improvements in these fans over the past few years. You will find that buying 
a nice new fan will result in MUCH quieter operation. This might not make a 
difference (if your tank is already loud) or you might not care. Just thought 
people might like to know.
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