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[APD] advice please?

Hi all, For my dorm room I'm going to have 2 20 gallon tall acrylic tanks with black backs. 

For lighting, I'm going to have a custom sealife smartlite 2 x 65watt 6500K over it so essentially each tank will be getting a 65 watt bulb right over it... 

For co2, I will be using diy co2....each tank gets a 2.84 Liter juice bottle, one has a hagen ladder, the other has a wood airstone that produces extra fine bubbles... 

one tank has 100% eco-complete, the other tank has 50/50 flourite/natural gravel mix..... 

my question is can you think of any plants that won't survive in this tank? 

some plants that I'm considering using are: 

dwarf hairgrass 
e. tenellus 
java fern windelov 
anubias nana 
baby tears 
didiplis diandra 
etc... thank you for your support.

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