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Hi there
I'm trying to turn tragedy into triumph. My well-established, years-old 55 completely crashed after adding a few new fish from a chain LFS. I woke to find every fish in my tank dead.

So I want to take this as an opportunity to start a planted tank.  I took the compensation from the LFS to purchase a bio-wheel; I've pulled the UG and power heads, emptied the tank and removed the gravel. So here are my questions:

1. I saved quite a bit of mulm and haven't washed the gravel. Should I use this mulm to start the new tank? (It has not been established what killed the other tank). 
2. If I can use the mulm, do I still need a peat substrate?
3. Can I put down a finer gravel and then use the old large gravel on top?
4. How long should the new planted tank sit before I can start adding new fish?

Thanks for your helping this newbie!

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