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[APD] Some rare and unusual plants

First let me say this post is a straight out no holds barred self promotion
to benefit my pocket. If you don't like it, do what my Mother did during the
Superbowl orgy dance and close your eyes! :)

I have the following imported plants available to people in the USA:

Anubias nana marbled, the leaves are a SWIRL of white and green, (this is
different than "varigated")
Anubias nana narrow leaf,  a cultivar whose leaves are narrow and slender,
but only a couple inches long
Anubias nana stardust, this cultivar has a white strip going down the middle
of the leaf, very cool looking
C. affinis
Eichhornia azurea
Echinodorus schlueteri Leopard (dwarf sword with oval green leaves that have
red freckles) german hybrid

Some people know I do trades. I have had people send me two pounds of
Riccia,  a bag full of pearl grass, a ton of java moss, whatever... if I can
sell it I will trade for it.   Buy, sell, trade... call me, email me, or
come see me, (bring donuts)

Robert Hudson

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