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Re: [APD] Re: Taking Things Apart -- Carbo Plus

GFCI is much better than not having a GFCI. A GFCI will
detect a HOt to Ground leak and a Neutral to Ground Leak
but not a short circuit that goes from hot, through you to
Neutral. Hard to say if the ground cord matters. It depends
on how the circuit insulation is done.

But anyway, either they manufacturer spent a lot of extra
money on cords with three wires when only two-wire cords
were needed or the circuit is meant to be grounded.

If it were mine, I'd try to figure out who to write to (the
company number) and ask about it. I mean it cost money,
answering a question is the least they could do  for you.
OR you could go to the place where you bought it and ask if
all of the Carbo Pluses come that way.

Now I'm nagging more than helping, so I'll sign off ;-)

Good luck,  See you in Crystal City,
Scott H.
--- Ann Viverette <annv777 at houston_rr.com> wrote:
> OK, I took it apart, or rather I got my husband to take
> it apart for one of
> the screws was sort of glued (tamper proof I guess) and
> when we looked
> inside, the green wire didn't connect to anything and
> appeared to never have
> been connected to anything. The white and black wires
> were securely
> connected, but the green was neatly trimmed and although
> there was a third
> screw just below where the other wires were connected, it
> looked as if the
> green wire never was connected, no bits of wire at the
> screw, no appearance
> that the screw had ever been used. The other wires
> extended into the unit a
> about an inch to connect, but not the green. Just neatly
> trimmed to stop
> just inside the box.
> So, I just glued the cord back a bit better so it
> wouldn't pull out of the
> box again for I could see where it had been glued on the
> inside of the box
> and I put it all back together and returned it to the
> school. The whole
> aquarium is on a GFI power strip. Gosh, I hope that is
> OK.

S. Hieber
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