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[APD] RE: dry dosing => green dust algae

Tom Barr wrote:

>Scrub after you remove the water, and rinse off the green algae into
the buckets. 
>Adding an UV and a Diatom/micron filter etc can help
also while treating.

This is bascially what I did to get rid of the dust algae. Instead of 
scrubbing and rinsing in buckets I took the dust-filled scrubbing 
sponge and squeezed it out right next to the siphon while I 
emptied the tank for water change - the green dust cloud 
got sucked right out of the water. 

I also let my UV running a couple of hours after every wc
to nuke eventual dust leftovers floating around.

I also tried to limit light hitting the front glass by shoving the hood 
as far back as I could.

// Daniel.
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