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[APD] RE: dry dosing => green dust algae

> Well now I have doubled all of the above mentioned
> quantities and the algae still appears on the
> glass, just much slower. I have no other algae to
> speak of (KNOCK ON WOOD). I was thinking CO2 but
> the PH/KH chart says my CO2 is up there although
> the fish are fine. Is there something that can
> throw that chart off?  Is there one particular
> nutrient that I have added in the 2X dosing that
> is obviously still out of balance? The thing that
> gets me is that for over two months the tank was
> great without any algae and great plant growth.
> Without changing anything, I start this green
> glass thing that is only subdued by really dumping
> in all kinds of nutrients. Any thoughts or
> comments would be appreciated and sorry for the
> lengthy post.
> Steve

Steve, nothing is out of the ordinary. This algae is rather easy to get rid
of and does not bother plants.
It'll appeasr in high light nutrient rich tanks every so often but is not
hard to get rid of.
Before, right before you do the water change, clean off all the green dust
algae. Scrub after you remove the water, and rinse off the green algae into
the buckets. 
If you have a micro filter or a fine mechanical filter, use it or a UV
right after water change. Try another water change in a day or two and
leave the filtration/UV going.

The algae is scraped off, then floats around and reattaches quickly then
grows a little. This freaks people out since it appears to be new growth
within about an hour.
They often leave it for a week and then wipe it off again. But unless it's
removed physically, it simply swims around and reattaches again. 

It shows up from time to time but is not hard to get rid of if you clean it
all off good, remove it before it reattaches through filtration, water
changes etc.

Nutrients don't seem to play a large role, it went away after normal water
changes, dosing after about 8 weeks all on it's own.
Adding fish food and feeding more seemed to help.
Akinoscendemus is the genus. The zoospores are flagellated and can swinm
around and reattach in hours/minutes even. 

But they can only do this a few times so if you attack them anmd remove
them, then go after them again the next day rather than waiting for them to
have a chance to re group and grow,, you will have an easier time of
getting rid of them for good. They seldom come back once you things going.

Generally harassing algae: Remove what's there, keep plant nutrient levels
good, check CO2 no matter what, manually remove it and attack it before it
has a chance to build up it's reserves and blooms again.Large water changes
can remove a lot of spores and leftovers after a pruning, scrubbing. You
can do the scrubbing first then right away do a large water change. Then
the next day repeat this.
This often will work. Adding an UV and a Diatom/micron filter etc can help
also while treating.  

Tom Barr


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