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RE: [APD] dry dosing & algae

I got through the same problem Steve.  You do everything right and this algae appears.  Well you are probably not doing anything wrong, you just have to fight the algae.  I am on my second week and it is almost gone.  Check out,
"Green fur on glass, inoculated. Akinosemdesmus zoospores that reattach in about 1 hour or less after scraping off. Likes high light, good conditions, often goes away on it's own. Scub glass and then vacuum quick or run micron filter or UV while scrubbing. 
Not particular hard to get rid of. "
Try scrubbing it all off, then immediately do a large 50+% water change, add nutrients back. 
Turn off the filter, let the algae settle then lightly vacuum them up. 
If you do a good job, it will not come back. 
GD is a zoospore former. This means that when you wipe it off, they simply reattach later on(hours or minutes). 
If you remove them by cleaning the glass make sure you either micro or Diatom filter/UV/large vacuum water change etc. 
I think if you do this for 1 to 3 weeks you will not have it come back. "
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