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Re: [APD] dry dosing & algae

Quoting Steve <steve_wilsonii at fishpalace_org>:

> the PH/KH chart says my CO2 is up there although
> the fish are fine. Is there something that can
> throw that chart off?  

That chart is an estimate of how much CO2 is in the water. CO2 is not the only 
thing in your water that contributes to changing the acidity of your water. 
There is a good chance that your CO2 levels are not as high as the chart 
indicates because something else is contributing to lower your pH level. I am 
in no way telling people not to use that chart... it is still a good tool, 
just keep in mind it isn't exact. In fact I have always found it to be pretty 
close when comparing with a CO2 test. This is probably because carbonic acid 
(created by mixing CO2 and water) is much more acidic than other stuff found 
in your aquarium, so it contributes to your acidity the most. Anything else 
makes a small difference. Does anybody have any solid facts to prove/disprove 
As for your other questions... there are other people who can better answer 
those than me :-)
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