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[APD] Growth patterns

I seem to find my self a bit confused (again).

I seem to remember learning in high school botany class that plants grow
only from the terminal buds. One way to show this is to fix a marker of some
kind on the trunk of a tree or main stem of another plant, and observe the
marker remains at the same height while the plant gets taller.

Apparently my Egeria Densa grows contrary to this idea. I can plant
trimmings (6 to 9 inches long) that have very nicely thick growth along the
stem. A week or so later, when the trimming has grown to the top and across
the of the tank, the lower part seems to have elongated, and left from 1/2
to 3/4 of an inch between leaf whorls. I realize this is probably an issue
of insufficient light (75 gal. tank with 160 watts T-12 fluorescent).

Is this idea only true of woody plants (dicots?)? Anyone have any
explanation for this?

Douglas Guynn
	d.guynn at sbcglobal.net

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