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Re: [APD] Aquabotanic Aquascaping Contest, only about month left to enter!

Quoting Mark & Peta <mbethke at socal_rr.com>:

> Sounds like fun :~)
> But do I need
> A) a clean planted aquarium w/ no algae present (can delete the algae with
> my coral photo-8) .

Yes they will count off for having lots of algae because that indicates the 
system isn't completely balanced... if they find you deleted it with photo 
editing software they disqualify you.

> B) Do I need a very structured look?

I have heard opinions in various contests going both ways. They generally like 
to see enough structure that it looks natural and still be visually appealing. 

> C) is there any way to weed-out perfectly planted set-ups that are put
> together just for the photo shot?
>      This I have noticed in many magazines.Obviously not an established
> aquarium.

I don't know about this particular contest, but the ones I have seen generally 
can tell if a tank hasn't been established... they also look at maintenance 
issues. If someone just threw a tank together for the photo and managed to make 
it LOOK established, they often have plants placed in a way that would not work 
well in the long run... the judges often point these out.

> D)If the aquascape looks established and has a genuine natural look is there
> any credit given?


You should check out 

You can see what kind of comments the judges make... I think these comments 
will answer all your questions. You can also look at their rules for their 
contest, included in the rules is a list of things they look for when judging. 
I think just browsing this contest will provide you better answers than I can 
give. I don't have much experience with contests other than I really enjoy 
looking at all the entries to various contests and reading the judges comments 
so I can improve my own tanks.

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