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Re: [APD] Failed CF Retrofit - Don't let it happen to you!

The best thing you can to for heat is to have plenty of
ventilation opening on the top and also low on the hood. If
you take a look at the wood hoods AHS sells, that's a very
good design as far as ventilation goes and in many cases
can obviate the need for a fan to move air and heat away
from the bulb or aquarium.

Allowing some air space between the reflector and the hood
can help too but not as much.

For fans to be effective, you need as much exhaust opening
as intake opening.

Blow the air across the cool parts first and lastly over
the hottest parts will give the most efficient cooling but
can make one end of the bulb a bit diff color because it
will be consdierably cooler than the hot end. Blowing hot
to cold is less effcient but gives more even temps on the
bulb. You pick, you pay, either way. Just a matters of
choices amoung compromises.

With something like an AHS kit, I doubt that attaching the
reflector directly to the hood will cause significantly
premature bulb failure. The most likely adverse effect is
less heat being drafted away from the tank. All this
because the bulbs are spaced away from the reflector on the

Youo can use wooden blocks for spacers. with bare wood, you
can apply some wood glue and rub the piece into place. A
rubbed-glue joint will be stronger than the wood.

Easier, just put washers between the reflector and hood.

Scott H.
--- revance at indiana_edu wrote:
>>. . . 
> I also have a question, Bob mentioned that his bulbs
> burned out because he had 
> just attached the reflector to the bottom of the hood and
> he thought they 
> might have overheated. I am mounting mine inside a wooden
> canopy, should I put 
> some blocks or something between the canopy and the
> reflector so there is some 
> room for heat to dissipate? I haven't had a chance to
> reset it up and let it 
> run for an extended amount of time (after my incident),
> so I don't know if 
> attaching it directly to the wood of the hood will pose a
> problem. I was going 
> to mount a couple 8cm fans in the back of the canopy. Any
> ideas on how to 
> prevent what happened to Bob from happening to me?
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