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[APD] CO2 trivia

Here is some interesting trivia about CO2.

	One gallon of liquid (at +2 F) weighs 8.46 lbs, and yields 72.7
cubic feet of gas (at STP).
	One liter of liquid (at -17 C) weighs 1.02 kg. and yields 544.6
liters of gas (at STP).

	Therefore, a 20 lb cylinder filled at 90% (to allow some vapor space
at the top of the cylinder) will hold 18 lbs (8.2 kg) of liquid. The liquid
volume will be 2.16 gallons (8.2 liters), and yield 154 cubic feet (4361
liters) of gas.

	The "Triple Point" of CO2 is -69.9 F at 75.1 psia (89.7 psig at sea
level). This is the point where solid, liquid, and gas phases exist

	The critical temperature of CO2 is 87.8 F (31 C). At this
temperature, and above, it is impossible to liquefy the gas by increasing
the pressure. At the critical pressure of 1066 PSIA (7281 kPa gage), and
above, it is impossible to liquefy the gas by decreasing the temperature.

I looks like the cylinder in my garage has no liquid in it during the summer
months, as It routinely reaches 90 F and higher in there. I believe this
means it is present as a super-critical fluid. Is that right?

Douglas Guynn
	d.guynn at sbcglobal.net

Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven;
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