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[APD] glossostigma

I was wondering if anyone had any tricks to getting this plant started? I have it in a small container w/ soil substrate, under sub-compact lighting and have added some rooting hormone- I was hoping to get it rooted and move it into my aquarium sorta like sod on a lawn. This will be my second attempt w/ this plant as the first one failed miserably within a few days (failed to give the bottom a fresh cut and it had started to get soft prior to introduction, my SAEs, tadpole and otto cats had their way w/ it). I have removed the tadpole who I think was the worst culprit in digging it all up. Any advice on this plant will be appreciated the perimeters are as follows; 55 gallon 2 pails sera flourdepot, 2 bags flourite under 4" of sand/soil/coconut fiber substrate, 260 watts sub compact lighting- 2 10,000K bulbs 2 actinic (will be changing soon to all 10,000Ks) which is on 16 hours for actinics 12 hours for the 10,000Ks, DIY co2 w/ a bubble rate of 30-40 per minute held in a laby!
 bubble counter/diffuser in the tank for 45 seconds of dissolve time, (I do not have a co2 test yet), the tank gets a 10% water change every 3 days and is dosed w/ ferts 2X a week- fish load is 5 apistogrammas, 7 small tetras, 5 pygmy cory cats, 4 SAEs, 4 ottos, 1 hypostomus pleco, 1 rubber mouth pleco, 3 dwarf frogs, and 6 glass shrimp all of them are fed 2 to 4 times a day depending on my work schedule.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated

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